38th Annual Summer Writing Contest Underway

Cisco, Texas, June 10, 2014 - The Cisco Writers Club 38th Annual Summer Writing Contest is open as of June 1.
What will be different this year?
For one, we've boosted prizes. We expect to pay out over $500 in winnings this year. Make sure your name is on one of those checks!
For another, we've condensed categories from twelve to six -- but without losing the special awards that have been favorites for so long. In addition to the Mary Carey best fiction book and Lela Latch Lloyd best nonfiction book honors, we keep the Viola Payne Stories for Children award and the Julia Worthy Columns recognition. There are three special poetry awards and three more for articles. Only the top-ranking manuscripts in each category are eligible for these special honors.
The basics of the contest remain the same: We want to encourage you to write, and write well.
Get your writing boots on, and find all the details on our Contest page.

It's time to Write!


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